Thank you to all the artists and designers who generously pledged work to Fashion and Textiles Forever auction, to every person who lent their voice in support, to those who placed a bid, shared or started a conversation about why institutions like FTM need our support.


The Fashion and Textile Museum was founded by in 2003, by icon of British design, Dame Zandra Rhodes. Situated in the heart of fashionable Bermondsey Village, the Museum is housed in a beautiful and distinctive building, designed by renowned Mexican architect, Ricardo Legorreta, the Fashion and Textile museum is the only example of his work in the whole of the UK.

Worryingly, this seminal museum suffered greatly due to the closures imposed by the coronavirus lockdown losing 80% of it's income. 

To highlight this and support their recovery, I organised Fashion and Textiles Forever.
The auction, which began on Friday 23rd March was been conceived and run by myself whilst gladly supported by the Fashion and Textile Museum. The auction showcased over 80 works from a wide spectrum of disciplines.

Ceramicists, painters, fashion designers, illustrators and interior designers all took up the offer to pledge their support and represent the true breadth of the Museum's influence on the creative industry.

Featuring a great many beautiful and sought-after pieces, it was a clear reflection of the significance of the museum to all those participating.

Having graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2009, I have been operating as a freelance  multimedia artist in creative industry for many years and felt a huge need to give something back to FTM. After so many years of visiting their collections and being one of countless professionals who benefit from their resources regularly, we want to see it thrive for generations to come.

I am delighted to announce that Fashion and Textiles Forever raised a wonderful 


To see the auction in full visit

Contributors :

Alice Pattullo
Kaffee Fassett
Matty Bovan
Eley Kishimoto
Adam Jones Menswear
Zandra Rhodes
Piers Atkins
Adam Peter-Hicks
Kingsley Walters
Louise Gray
Pam Hogg
Hayley Scanlan
Aud Van Ryn
Plum Bovan
Liam Hodges
Helen Bullock
Robson Stannard
Francesca Kaye
Emily Maude
Cassette Playa
Kate Elliott
Julian Smith
Sarah Campbell
Tony Green
Amesh Wijesekera
Ariana Martin
Naomi Munuo
Susie Hartley
Gergei Erdei
Sophie Wake
Molly Mahon
Noel Chapman
Monika Forsberg
Polly Arnett
Ian Beck
Melissa White
Diana Rikasari
Shiv Lyons
Alec Doherty
Tamasyn Gambell
Michael Kirkman
Natalie Gibson
Dahren Davey
Peach Doble
Sarah Arnett
Cordelia Blair-Stickland
Andrew Churchill
Peter Arscott
Richard Kilroy
Lacey Law
Sofia Salazar
Holly Fox-Lee
Will Broome
Bethan Laura Wood
John Minton and more
Amelia Graham
Dan Cimmermann
Cressida Bell
Lisa Todd
Karen Harvey
Claudia Rankin
Orla Kiely
Lucy Jones Lingerie
Dr Noki
Sam Wilde
Andrew Logan
Amy Douglas
Jacqui Mair
The Running Stitches
Wallace and Sewell
Anita Klein
Susi Bellamy
Tara St Hill
Pavilion Parade
By Walid London
Neil Bottle
Rachel Larkin